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15 Tritonvägen
Solna, Stockholms län, 171 54

+46 76-9495085

Edgy kitchen ware in canvas, leather and cow suede.

Top Drawer Killin pale heather suede glasses  21x21x5 cm ca 475.jpg

Contact Us

Shortway Trade House was founded by Kjellåke Bjurstrom who has been working for more then 30 years in fashion, design, and production. He has also been working with logistics for some of the leading brands and chain stores in Scandinavia and Europe.



Tritonvägen 15A
SE-171 54 SOLNA



Information & generell matters

Henric Young
Marketing & sales
+46 76 949 50 85


Kjell-Åke Bjurström
Creative director
+46 70 698 93 00