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Klippgatan 11
116 35 Stockholm

+46 70 698 93 00

Edgy kitchen ware in canvas, leather and cow suede.


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Shortway Trade House was founded by Kjellåke Bjurstrom who has been working for more then 30 years in fashion, design, and production. He has also been working with logistics for some of the leading brands and chain stores in Scandinavia and Europe.



Borgmästargatan 12
116 29 Stockholm


Kjell-Åke Bjurström
CEO - Operations
+46 7069 89300


Mikael Kling
+46 7095 81117

Mikael Kling, sales in Shortway Trade House, is a renowned salesman as well as a buyer in fashion, shoes and accessories. Mikael has a broad knowledge when it comes to the critical aspects of sales in combination with a high level of fashion, knows how to create profits for our clients.


Pia Lindbom Kling
Product Manager
+46 7688 66039

Pia Lindbom-Kling, part owner since January 2016 is head of design and product development. Pia has a long and thorough career in the field of accessories, bags, shoes etc. She has worked for many of the big names and been part of leading them to success.


Paulina Gabre
Marketing Manager
+46 735 323211

Paulina Gabre work with all kind of marketing. Please contact her if you need pictures, logo or have any other question about marketing.