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15 Tritonvägen
Solna, Stockholms län, 171 54

+46 76-9495085

Edgy kitchen ware in canvas, leather and cow suede.

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Shortway Trade House merges with Professional Secrets

The kitchen experience

Professional Secrets, with the help of outstanding chefs, supplies passionate home cooks with

tools and knowledge from the professional kitchen. All products, designed primarily for the

growing “foodie” crowd, meet the high demands that apply in a professional kitchen.

+ The table experience

Shortway Trade House/Top Drawer uses select materials and unique design to create

collections that bring personality, warmth, and function to the dinner table. The products,

made from durable materials that age with grace, elevate the essential experience of sharing a

meal with loved ones, in a home or in a professional setting.

= The full dining experience!

Together we will provide the market with a unique range of products inspired by professional

knowhow: From the pot on the kitchen stove to the inviting atmosphere of the dinner table –

the full dining experience!

By merging into one enterprise, under the Professional Secrets brand, we will be able to pool

our combined knowledge, craftsmanship, and experience.

Upgraded private label production

Our close and successful collaboration with partners to produce private label collections will

not only continue, it will be strengthened through joint design and development,

international market reach, and sourcing and supply.

A tour

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Formex fair SS-19
to Jan 18

Formex fair SS-19

  • Top Drawer / Studio St Paul (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

This year we will not exhibit at the Formex fair, instead our PR partner and och few others exiting companies will arrange a event between 14th - 18th and we will also arrange a mingling party the 16th, from 6pm in the middle of town, i hope you have the possibility to enjoy.

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to Dec 6


Snart är det dags för årets julförsäljning runt knuten av vårt kontor:

Adress: Hemvärnsgatan 11, business park, Solna.

Vi kommer att bjuda in våra bästa kompisar och tillsammans kommer vi erbjuda massor av härliga produkter till alla tillfällen, en julgåva till en kär vän eller något till dig själv.

Mer info kommer inom kort.

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