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15 Tritonvägen
Solna, Stockholms län, 171 54

+46 76-9495085

Edgy kitchen ware in canvas, leather and cow suede.


Our Story

Our product portfolio ranges from bags to garments and accessories, made of leather and/or in combination with other materials. Our product range stretches from ladies exclusive evening bags to sports bags in nylon, from rough and durable work wear to the finest and most exclusive materials. We produce mainly upon our clients request.

Shortway Trade House also produces a wide range of items for the kitchen or restaurant, such as exclusive leather aprons, durable canvas aprons, products for the table and for interior design. We produce and design for our clients to meet their requirements as well as we keep a product range in stock for clients to buy from.

As a compliment to producing in accordance to our clients requirements Shortway Trade House also present two different brands to the market, Fifth Dimension - smart, beautifully designed, high quality bags for the business woman.

Top Drawer - durable, nicely designed, edgy kitchen wear in canvas and leather.



For the moment we are engaged in two specific projects both aiming to support and help people less fortunate.

The founder and owner of Shortway Trade House have together with Anne Parrotta Rinaldi started the organisation Ramus Oleae in Umbria, Italy. The aim is to help immigrants to a better situation in terms of work and social life. This is done by education; work training and practical work training. Predominantly within the agriculture sector in Italy/Umbria.  A specially close relationship is developing with olive farmers and mills in the area around Perugia in Umbria. The harvested and refined products are at present sold in the area around Perugia. Profit margins are funnelled back into the organisation Ramus Oleae in Umbria, Italy. This enables the organisation to support even more immigrants to move from being a burden to the society to being a contribution factor!

In Chennai India, we support one production plant producing high quality products made of leather and/or in cotton canvas. For example hand bags, small leather goods, garments and kitchen wear.

The production unit is since some time back employing only abandoned women, women who have been left by there husbands, for one reason or the other. Usually these women are having an extremely tough situation, especially if they have children to cater for. We offer them job, well pay, health insurance etc.

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