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15 Tritonvägen
Solna, Stockholms län, 171 54

+46 76-9495085

Edgy kitchen ware in canvas, leather and cow suede.

Napkin ring - Dunbar


Top Drawer is a range of products for the home and kitchen, with a twist of rough straightforward Scandinavian look. We mainly design and produce items in rough cotton canvas, sturdy but smooth leather and cow suede. Our items are designed to blend in with your daily need for a beautiful but functional kitchen and set table, yet with an edge. Our passion is natural materials, the products are designed and made to last and to age with a rough beauty. The more you use, wear and tear the items the better the look will become. The personality in each item will deepen and grow with time and wear. 

Our hope is that you will like what you see, as much as we do.

Napkin ring - Dunbar

Dunkeld dk olive 0210602.jpg
Dunkeld dk olive 0210602.jpg

Napkin ring - Dunbar


Napkin ring in 500gsm cotton canvas. Top part in cow suede.

Press button in aged brass.

Size: 18 cm x 6 cm

Color: Dark Olive

Sold in 6-packs


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